Human Alignment:

The Best Way
to Use Your Body
Every Day

Whether moving or at rest, you want your body to function best.  Human Alignment shows you how.

Human Alignment is a service that provides the method, training and guidance you use to use your body best.

Human Alignment  Grounded in centuries of scientific observation, artistic appreciation and anatomically aware research, HumanLabs brings you a theory of body usage proven to work best.

Human Alignment is the result of years of study and clinical research by the HumanLabs team and codified in the forthcoming book, Human Alignment, by Thomas Boettcher.  Would you like to order the book?  Please send an email to Human Alignment supports your efforts to function at your best every day by providing a clinically proven, scientifically developed method of how to use your body in every situation.

Human Alignment is based on the principles of physiological alignment as discovered and defined by Thomas Boettcher.  Resultant from years of clinical research at Humanlabs, this anatomically aware pedagogy provides a medically correct solution for how to perform each and every task you face as a functioning Human Being, or perhaps better stated, a Human Moving, for even at rest our bodies are  always moving.